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Puppy Close Up


What is your current occupation? 

How many adults are in the home? 

Are there any children in the home? 

[if yes] please state ages. 

Are there any expecting pregnancies in the household? 

Who will be primary caretaker of this animal? 

What style home do you live in? 

Do you have a garden? 

[if yes] is it fenced, grass, cctv? 

Have you had pets before? 

[if yes] please state how many and what species.  

Do you have any other pets currently? 

[if yes] please state species and age.  

Do you plan on taking your adopted pet on holiday? 

[if no] where would you leave it?  

How do you feel about house training? 

What type of experience does your family have with this species of animal? 

Where will your new pet sleep? 

What is the longest period of time your pet will be left alone? 

Why are you interested in this particular animal for adoption? 

Are you prepared to go to training classes with your new pet? 

Are you happy for a EC team member to check out your home before and during your adoption? 

Are you willing to sign our contract on the day of transfer? 

Will you get pet insurance for your animal? 

Please provide the vet you wish to use.  


Rescues take some time to settle in and create a bond; are you willing to take time off work to help settle the animal in?  

[if no, why] 

[if yes, how long] 

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